BIL 381 - Workshop Leaders for Biology 150

Download a BIL 381 application

The Benefits

As a BIL 150 workshop leader, you will

  • Receive one credit of BIL 381 in your major
  • Engage in Peer Led Team Teaching
  • Be a mentor to your peers
  • Learn General Biology by teaching it
  • Have a great experience that looks good on your curriculum vitae or resume

The Rules: Credits and Stipends

  • Only ONE CREDIT of BIL 381 may count towards your Biology major.
  • You may register for BIL 381 more than once, but only as general elective beyond one (BIL) credit.
  • Alternatively if you are
    • a graduating senior
    • have been a BIL 381 workshop leader in the past
    • have registered for BIL 381 for ZERO CREDITS
    you may be eligible to be paid a cash stipend instead of receiving course credit. For stipend information, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research and Community Outreach. (You cannot be paid unless you complete the proper forms.)
  • If you do not meet ALL criteria above, you are not eligible for a stipend, so please don't ask.

The Schedule

  • If you are selected as a workshop leader, you must register for ONE of the BIL 381 sections shown in CaneLink.
  • You may select any section you wish, though it is advisable to work with the instructor with whom you took BIL 150, if possible.
  • Check the course and instructor listings for this coming semester via the CaneLink Course Search Engine