Fall 2022 Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are Mondays in room Cox 166 at 12:20pm

Sept 29

Bridging viral biophysics and evolution

Antoni Luque, San Diego State University

Host: Silveira

Oct 12

Adapt, Acclimate or Migrate? The responses of tropical forests to global warming.

Kenneth Feeley, University of Miami

Host: Wikramanayake

Sept 19

Studying the complex and reproducible nature of plant development

Aman Husbands, University of Pennsylvania

Host: Mueller


Sept 26

Tropical forests in a hotter future: carbon uptake, survival, and reproduction

Martijn Slot, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Host: Kullberg


Oct 3

Bacteria-phage warfare

Edze Westra, University of Exeter, UK  

Host: Silveira


Oct 10

Oscar Valverde-Barrantes, Florida International University

Host: Muelller

Oct 17

Austin Gray, Virginia Tech

Host: Shelton 

Oct 24

Insights into Amphibian Population Dynamics from Mark-recapture Studies

Kristine Grayson, University of Richmond

Host: Stemle 


Oct 31

Of Mice and Men: unraveling the mechanisms underlying VCID.

Donna Wilcock, University of Kentucky

Host: Bracko

Nov 7

Kerri Coon, University of Wisconsin

Host: Wilson


Nov 14

Sandra Correa, Mississippi State University

Host: Feeley


Nov 28

Why we continue to eat unhealthy foods when we know we shouldn’t

Guillaume De Lartigue, Monell Chemical Senses Center / University of Pennsylvania

Host: Dallman