Imaging Core Facility


Transmission electron microscopy [TEM], scanning electron microscopy [SEM] and light  microscopy [LM] technologies are available to faculty and students.  All the appropriate ancillary equipment for each technology is available in the lab and is state of the art.  All image acquisition is digital based and appropriate image manipulation software [Photoshop CS3 and Image J] are available on lab Macs.  Both TEM and SEM have methods courses [TEM- Bil 554; SEM-Bil 352/655] taught every academic year as well as project courses [TEM-Bil 555; SEM-Bil 353] the semester following the methods course.


The Department of Biology confocal microscopy facility consists of a Leica SP5 with dual scan head and AOBS.  The system incorporates spectral detection as part of the light path allowing optimal separation of different fluorophores in one sample.  Practically this allows users to do 5 or more channel imaging.  In addition the dual scan head can scan at 8000 hz allowing video rate capture of cellular events  in living animals or can scan at more conventional rates with exceptionally high information density.  The instrument is available for use by properly trained students and faculty at reasonable rates and will soon be relocated to the new biology annex and a specially designed microscopy wing.

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