New Faculty (Spring 2023)

oliver-brackoDr. Oliver Bracko was born in Germany and studied at the University of Tübingen. He received his Ph.D. from the ETH Zürich in Switzerland and did his postdoc at Cornell University under the mentorship of Chris Schaffer. His previous research was focused on adult neuronal stem cells and the impact of stroke on cognitive function.

My research focuses on elucidating common mechanisms of cognitive decline in neurodegenerative disease. We employ high resolution in vivo multiphoton imaging and animal behavior in mouse models to identify novel mechanisms connecting neurodegenerative diseases. This approach allows us to follow complex physiological processes on both cellular and organ (brain, tissue) scales. Currently, we are focusing on capillary stalling as a novel phenomenon explaining a large proportion of the reduced brain blood flow seen in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease. These capillary stalls are primarily comprised of leukocytes firmly bound to endothelial cells that lead to transiently block capillaries and reduce cortical blood flow. Furthermore, we are exploring upstream molecular mechanisms that cause this capillary stalling phenomenon, and we are determining the downstream consequences of improving brain blood flow in Alzheimer’s disease progression.

Bracko's Citations 

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2012 Ph.D. Cell Biology, Ph.D. , ETH Zurich
2008 M.Sc. Biology, Eberhard-Karls University

Professional Experience

2015 - 2021 Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Biomechanical Engineering, Cornell University
2012 - 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Neurology, University Hospital Zurich