Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are Mondays in room 166 Cox at 12:20pm

Jan 23

Evolution of Darwin’s finches: integrating ecology, behavior, and genetics
Rosemary & Peter Grant, Princeton University

Distinguished Visiting Professors
Host: Graduate Students

Jan 31 (Tues)

Special Talk (Open to the Community):

"Biodiversity & the Radiation of Darwin’s Finches in Galápagos"
Rosemary & Peter Grant, Princeton University
6:30 PM at the Whitten Learning Center

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Feb 6

Restoring the Greater Florida Everglades—what has gone right and what had gone wrong
William Mitsch, Florida Gulf Coast University
Host: Lu Zhai from the Sternberg Lab

Feb 13

Cooperation, conflict and plasticity during foundation of wasp societies
Floria Uy, University of Miami
Host: Wikramanayake

Feb 20

An integrative approach to biodiversity prediction in the Atlantic Rainforest
Ana Carnaval, City College of New York
Host: Whitlock

Feb 27

Muscle physiology and oxidative capacity in high-altitude Andean ducks and geese
Neal Dawson, McMaster University
Host: McCracken

Mar 6

Bat echolocation vs. moth hearing: evolution of tactics and countertactics
Emanuel Mora, University of Havana
Host: W. Searcy

Mar 13


Mar 20

From spices to species and the evolution of plant chemical diversity
Diego Salazar,  Florida International University
Host: Feeley

Mar 27

Non-Native fish and everglades restoration: An unexpected challenge to restoring an iconic ecosystem
Joel Trexler, Florida International University
Host: C. Searcy

Apr 3

Integrating Earth history, species traits, and ecological realism into predictive biogeography
Robert Anderson, City University of New York 
Host: C Searcy

Apr 10

Genomic basis of variation in a legume-rhizobium mutualism
Peter Tiffin, University of Minnesota
Host: Afkhami

Apr 17

Ashlee Rowe, Michigan State University
Host: Collins

Apr 24

Insect biodemography: A 21st century guided tour
James Carey, University of California at Davis
Host: Horvitz